Catsuit Flared in Black Plain Velvet

Say hello to Flare Street Catsuits! Oooh yeah! 4 years of dreaming them up, and here they are to stay... step in, and step out of these beauties. There's no zippers or buttons in order to create the most comfortable yet fabulous piece of flared velvet! 

With a low scoop neck and even lower scooped back, we've created a 3/4 length sleeve for the ultimate flattering look. The waists are shaped and curve to your body, without being tight. Our Catsuits shoulders and movable, but are designed to be worn closer to the edge of your shoulder for maximum décolletage!

The velvet we work with is super-velvet, a plain, non-crushed, deep black velvet. They're super flattering and contain a lot of stretch, particularly around the belly & waist with amazing flow of the flare. They are soft to wear, easy to dance in and perfectly flared for any season!
We call our Black Velvet Flares the 'entry level flare.' If you're unsure of where to start with a Catsuit, it's here with this black velvet number!

Would you like to request a colour? We can make our Catsuits in any of our Classic Velvet range. Just send us an email with your colour choice to

We have 4 sizes:

Size XS-S fits a 4/6/8 (US 0-4) due to the amount of stretch in the fabric.
Waist: 25 inches
Inner seam: 32 inches

Size S-M fits an 8/10/12 (US size 4-6) due to the amount of stretch in the fabric.
Waist: 27 inches
Inner seam: 32 inches

Size L-XL fits a 12/14 (US size 8-10)
Waist: 30 inches
Inner seam: 33 inches

Size Curve fits a 16/18 (US size 12-14)
Waist: 32 inches
Inner seam: 33 inches

Size: Model wears XS/S in all product images. Check out our Instagram @flarestreet for more images. 

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