Reversible & Recycled Design - Face Masks


They're back, in a range of new fabrics! Face Masks made in Melbourne with our exclusively designed print designs. 

Lined with Organic, Biodegradable Black Bamboo & your choice of our prints in Velvet. 

- Ready to ship

- Delicate machine wash or hand wash

- 2 layer fabric design

-  One size available for adults

- New soft elastic for your ears

- Made from re-purposed, recycled fabric off cuts

To choose your desired face mask, select the fabric type and Print Design. If you're unsure of what the style is called, check out our Flares Page or find it below.

Designs in order of images lying flat are: 

  • Frida
  • Daisy Chain - Lilac
  • Ophir - Pink
  • Ophir - Blue
  • Ophir - Maroon
  • Ophir - Tan
  • Juniper - Lovadelic Rainbow
  • Lucrezia - Purple
  • Etta - Magenta Pink
  • Layla -  Bubblegum Forest
  • Endoria Patchwork - Olive Green
  • Montana
  • Rainbow Bright
  • Rainbow Dark Swirls
  • Mustard & Copper Stripes

    Pattern matching will vary per item as seen in final image.

    About the Velvet and environmental impact during print:
    - Printed using water based inks 
    - No harsh chemicals used
    - Inks disposed of accordingly & not poured down drains
    - Recycled paper and plastic used throughout printing and shipping
    *It has taken us a long time to find a fabric printer that aligns with our printing ethics and we are so proud to have found a small-business, in Australia, to work with. *

    © Flare Street 2021

    Disclaimer: this mask is for general use and is not a medical or surgical mask. 

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