• Underneath - Layla Organic Cotton Bralette

Underneath - Layla Organic Cotton Bralette

Layla bralettes in Organic Cotton are here to match your flares!

This is the Organic Cotton version of our Layla fabric! Please note the difference between Cotton fabric and Velvet fabric. Our colours in the cotton are more muted and natural, velvet picks up shine and vibrance. Our Cotton is not as think as our velvet, however it is not see-through or thin. It's a wonderful, natural alternative to our velvet flares.

'Layla, you've got me on my knees
Layla, I'm begging, darling please' - lyrics to 'Layla' by Eric Clapton. Written for Pattie Boyd, based on a 12th-Century Persian poem 'The Story of Layla and Majnun' and inspiring the name behind our new flares! 

Our Layla Flares in Olive & Rust are a 1960's delight! Hand-drawn and encompassing all the earthy, light tones that we love - rusted orange, olive green, light mustard and peach! This print has to be one of our favourite nostalgic 60's throwbacks! 
Made from the softest, thick, sustainably printed, Melbourne made Organic Cotton. 

Layla Flares 

This range encompasses exclusively designed pieces of artwork for Flare Street by Chicago Banana. The textile design on these flares was designed in Torquay, our flares are made in Melbourne & created from quality Organic Cotton that is sustainably printed in Australia*. 

Flare Street’s designs are for those who aren’t just fiercely fashionable but also have a sense of life and individuality. We want people to feel empowered and as though they are expressing themselves in their truest way. The designs are a throwback to that era, reworked and blended with modern colours & structures so that our customers can add it into their everyday wardrobe.

They are a perfect addition to any occasion! Treat them with love and care, pass them down to your daughters or loved ones and cherish them forever. They are limited edition, made to last and a truly unique Flare Street design! 

One size will comfortably fit A-D cup size.

Stretch Organic Cotton
Model is wearing one size fits all 
33" Bust 
Fits sizes 8-12 A-D Cup with Black Bra Straps
Hand Wash / Hang Dry
Made In Melbourne, Australia

About the Organic Cotton & environmental impact during print:

- Printed using water based inks 
- No harsh chemicals used
- Inks disposed of accordingly & not poured down drains
- Recycled paper and plastic used throughout printing and shipping
*It has taken us a long time to find a fabric printer that aligns with our printing ethics and we are so proud to have found a small-business, in Australia, to work with. *

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