Ophir Velvet Jacket - Pink


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Made-to-order tailored jackets with black velvet cuffs, what a dream! Based on the men's jackets from the 1960's, we've designed a tailored form for flare-lovers that shape the silhouette in a flattery way, but aren't too tight or too lose. These jackets are slightly curve as the base, have 4 panels in the back and we've even hand-pressed a velvet button! 

Our sizing is Australian sizes, we suggest going down a size if you're unsure. Please email us if you'd like to check your measurements first. 

Our makers were trained in Italy and have been tailors since the 1970's. All these jackets are made in Melbourne, Australia by our skilled team.

This intricate textile design has been hand drawn by Barbara Hulanicki exclusively for Flare Street. 

Designed using the richest of tones, luxe 60’s colours & printed sustainably onto our signature Velvet, this design evokes a feeling of luxury and opulence.

Blending desire and love with this lavish textile, Flare Street garments are made in Melbourne, Australia using superior quality fabrics that will last for years and years to come.


About the velvet & environmental impact during print:
- Printed using water based inks 
- No harsh chemicals used
- Inks disposed of accordingly & not poured down drains
- Recycled paper and plastic used throughout printing and shipping
*It has taken us a long time to find a fabric printer that aligns with our printing ethics and we are so proud to have found a small-business, in Australia, to work with. *

Size: Model wears S/M in all product images. Check out our Instagram @flarestreet for more images. 

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