Luna Flares - Fuschia & Marigold Velvet


Flare Street and Golden Daze are back together again, this time with Luna Flares! Luna is the little sister to Donyale Flares, a finer more petite version of our print. Inspired by William Morris and his scrumptious Pre-Raphaelite, Medievalist and Romanticist style from Victorian era England (1837 -1901).
He created so many artworks which were transformed into wallpaper, clothing, fabrics, book covers and more - remember those fabulous Granny Takes A Trip jackets worn by the likes of George Harrison & Jimi Hendrix (click here!), that was a William Morris print. Given a new life in the 1960's and here we are 50 years later with a Flare Street version!

We've named these flares after one of the many babes who inspire us, Donyale Luna!

These flares blend a range of Fuschia, Magenta Pink, Coral Pink, Purple, Marigold Yellow, Orange & Cream in a unique, exclusive design by Golden Daze.
To be dressed up or lounged around in, you can wear these flares everywhere!

Made from the softest, highest quality, sustainably printed stretch velvet. 

Treat them with love and care, pass them down to your loved ones and cherish them forever. They are limited edition, made to last and a truly unique Flare Street design! 

About the flares & environmental impact during production:

Flare Street is Slow Fashion. There’s so much to share, but here's a quick list of how we're making every aspect of Flare Street as sustainable as possible: 

  • Made in Melbourne, Australia
  • Flare Street was accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia in 2021
  • We use Recycled Thread
  • Our fabrics are 100% sourced from local Australian fabric houses
  • Local, sustainably printed fabric, no water waste or harsh chemicals 
  • 100% zero waste production. All off cut fabrics are recycled in Melbourne and turned into new fibres, couches and socks by our recycling partners.  
  • Plastic free packaging with compostable satchels, compostable address labels and tape. All paper is FSC Certified and use soy-based inks & non-toxic chemicals.
  • Carbon neutral including all shipping. We have partnered with Carbon Positive Australia who focus on education & planting trees for the planet to offset all emissions.
  • Exclusive & limited edition textile designs. Our designs are hand drawn by talented, independent artists around the world - this one is by Golden Daze.
  • Designed for every gender

Learn more about our Sustainability stance online here!

We have 6 sizes:

Size XXS-XS fits a 2/4 (US 0) due to the amount of stretch in the fabric.
Waist: 23 inches
Inner seam: 32 inches

Size XS-S fits a 4/6/8 (US 0-4) due to the amount of stretch in the fabric.
Waist: 25 inches
Inner seam: 32 inches

Size S-M fits an 8/10/12 (US size 4-6) due to the amount of stretch in the fabric.
Waist: 27 inches
Inner seam: 32 inches

Size L-XL fits a 12/14 (US size 8-10)
Waist: 30 inches
Inner seam: 33 inches

Size Curve fits a 16/18 (US size 12-14)
Waist: 32 inches
Inner seam: 33 inches

Size 2XL-3XL fits a 18/20 (US size 14-16)
Waist: 34 inches
Inner seam: 33 inches

Size: Model wears S/M in all product images. Check out our Instagram @flarestreet for more images. 

© Flare Street 2021

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