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Kim Banffy lives in the sunshine, just north of Byron Bay. She is a designer, singer, writer and created the gorgeous print that we have on our Casablanca and Sahara Flares. We took 5 minutes with her to quiz her about her main inspirations. 

What is your favourite music genre?

That’s a bit like asking me my favourite colour! I like rainbows as the contrast shows each colour off so well. But I don’t generally like Metal and I’m not keen on Country - my Dad played it constantly when I was a kid! My own music could be called indie/pop/folk. I was very influenced by the great Californian singer/songwriters of the 60s &70s but I’ve also sung a lot of classical 4 part harmony, which, along with jazz is a subtle but significant influence.

Where did you get the inspiration for this print from?

I went walking on the beach and found a piece of coral. That shape was how this started, and then I just kept doodling! Doodling is a form of meditation. I can highly recommend it for calming  an overactive mind. There is woman who did her PhD on the patterns people make when they have regular access to paint/art materials! The more you do,the more complex the patterns become.
What is you routine as an artist?
Routine? Ah yes. That could be good, but I think I’d get bored! I like to mix it up…a run of songwriting, a run of painting, some printmaking and a doodle here and there. I’m presently working on songs for an EP, but there’s always time for a doodle! 
What outfit would you normally wear on stage? Would it be different from your daily outfit?
I love to wear my Flarestreet flares onstage because they are funky, colourful and very comfortable, plus I think they go well with the style of my music. Have 4 pairs now, but it’s kind of cool belng able to wear my own designs onstage! What I wear on a daily basis varies widely depending on my mood and what I have to do that day. In Byron in Summer I often wear dresses, but I have been known to wear my Flarestreet flares too!
If you could describe your first impression of our flares in one word, what would it be?
I’m over people wearing black. I think it’s bit sad. It’s as if they are shutting a vital part of themselves off. It reminds me a bit of the 1998 movie Pleasantville. Life is vibrant and colourful and I want my clothes to reflect that. With my background in Fine Arts, I love colour and striking design. Flarestreet flares always have both. Even better that they don’t need ironing! I’m also over that! So it was love at first sight, which I think you will remember from our meeting at Port Fairy Folk Festival! 
Kim Banffy
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