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  • Polaroid Tips from the Idyllwild forrest, capturing the Phosphorescence shoot!

    Has anyone else used their vintage Polaroid camera, only to find the pics come out a bit blue... or red? 
    Read our tips below on how to navigate these 1970's cameras to get the colours just right!
    Nestled in the cold hills of Idyllwild, we captured these Studio 54 inspired pics using our vintage Polaroid camera from the 1970's. Who else has one?

     Bell Bottoms Flares Sequins California Flare Street

    Andy and Em, our flare-babes, grooved around our in new sequin flares - the soft velvet is covered with embroidery and sequins, trimming the base of the flare and flowing up the legs! 

    Bell Bottoms Flares Sequins California Flare Street


    We've played around with new versions of Polaroids over the years, but we were over the moon when we picked up a vintage Polaroid camera! The feel of the image and way it captures the essence of a shoot is remarkable, and thankfully, the guys at Polaroid Originals have managed to re-create the old film paper that went out of production. Meaning, we can once again fire up our camera and shoot they way it used to shoot back in the 70's!!

    Bell Bottoms Flares Sequins California Flare Street

    One tiny little problem with the film though, is that the temperature REALLY affects its development... when we captured the shoot in Joshua Tree the heat of the desert made the film have a red tinge... and in the hills of Idyllwild, where it was very, very chilly (it snows up there) the images came out blue...
    A great example is the above photo, this was before we figured out some tricks to fix this!

     Bell Bottoms Flares Sequins California Flare Street

    So naturally, using the only tools out our disposal (Google and our kitchen), we snapped the pictures in the desert where is boiling hot, and to bring the temperature down we placed the shot in the fridge to develop... this seemed to work like magic!!

    Bell Bottoms Flares Sequins California Flare Street

    In the freezing cold hills, we did the opposite... snapped the pics and ran to the stove top. We stood there, with the 60's electric stove in our cabin, warming up our images until they were nice and developed, with not a blue tinge in sight! 


    Somehow, it makes these images even more special to us! You can't recreate that with a filter :)

    Flares Bell Bottoms California Melbourne Sequins Flare Street

    For more tips on developing your vintage Polaroid film, head to the Polaroid Original site here!

    To shop these limited edition flares head here!

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