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siobhan o'dwyer

  • Siobhan O'Dwyer - the floral artist that will melt your heart!

    The floral artwork made by Californian girl, Siobhan, caught our eyes a few months back and she's been melting our hearts ever since! Collages of wild flowers, rolling hills and of course the coastline of Big Sur played backdrop to these beautiful images.
    She's snapped here wearing our Amalia Flares in Cream and we were lucky enough to ask her a few questions about her art.

    Enjoy a snippet from our interview with her below and be sure to check out her Instagram here!!

    What is your favourite music genre?

    My favourite music genre is indie-pop/rock and electronic. I love just throwing on a radio station off of some of my favourite bands (go-to's lately are the Shout Out Loud's or Rogue Wave), and if I'm looking for more up-beat, my absolute fave's right now are electronic songwriter's/DJ's Tourist and Kasbo. 

    Where did you get the inspiration for your artwork from?

    I've always been drawn to nature- especially colourful wildflowers.
    The California Coast and scenery (particularly Big Sur, CA) was definitely the beginning of my inspiration to creating my floral art pieces. I loved the endless rugged coastline covered in wildflowers- it always seemed like a dreamland, something that I could only imagine every time I visited Big Sur.
    So from there I started my own editing technique- using different flower photos I've taken and sort of envisioning one photo with certain colours blended together.
    Each photo I create starts with a vision, and as I edit, I kind of just go with the flow until I'm satisfied! The process can be pretty spontaneous and unknown, which keeps it so fun for me. 

    Siobhan O'dwyer Flare Street

    What is you routine as an artist?

    I love editing when I first wake up or late at night before bed. That's usually when I'm the most settled mentally through out my days, so I'll often grab some coffee and sit down for a few hours in the morning, or be relaxing at night and edit to sort of wind down before I sleep.
    My art pieces usually take several hours to create-- sometimes I'll start in the morning and go back to it at night, and I definitely notice a break during the day helps my creative flow with editing. Music is always on any time I edit- it's definitely a part of my process.

    Siobhan O'dwyer Flare Street

    What is your ideal, grooviest outfit? Would it be different from your daily outfit?

    My favourite look is definitely edgy, girly-- I love throwing on a floral skirt or dress with my black doc marten's. My daily outfit usually consists of something similar- my favorite high-waist denim shorts or a floral dress, doc marten's and a graphic tee. But would have to say my ideal, grooviest outfit would be some floral flares, my boots, and a tee.

    If you could describe your first impression of our flares in one word, what would it be?

    Groovy! :)

     Siobhan O'Dwyer Flare Street

    Siobhan O'dwyer Flare Street

    Siobhan O'dwyer Flare Street

    Siobhan O'dwyer Flare Street

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    View more of this gorgeous girls artwork on her Instagram here!

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