Get back into the Groove: The Beatles' 'Now and Then'

Hey there, flare-lovers! If you haven't heard the buzz yet, let us take you on a journey back in time – the iconic Beatles have dropped a brand new gem. A blast from the past with a fresh twist and it's got us grooving (and tearing up a little) in our flares.

 Beatles now and then flare street

The Fab Four's latest release, "Now and Then," is more than just music; it's a time capsule of sweetness and nostalgia. We couldn't be more thrilled to share our take on this musical masterpiece. Let's jump in!

 beatles now and then flare street flares

First off, let's talk about the beat. "Now and Then" captures the essence of the Beatles' timeless sound – those harmonies, that rhythm...

beatles now and then flare street flares

Paul, George and Ringo received this demo, recorded by John Lennon onto a boom box in 1980, and added their parts, only for it to be completed by Paul and Ringo recently. Though it was originally recorded in the 80’s, it's like they've transported us straight back in time. Listening to it, it feels just like The Beatles heyday!

It was produced by Giles Martin, (George Martin's son) as well as Paul.

 beatles now and then flare street flares

The lyrics of "Now and Then" speak to the enduring nature of love and the beauty of looking back on cherished moments (we miss you John and George!) In a world that's constantly evolving, these lyrics resonate with us... It's about capturing the spirit of an era that celebrated individuality and love.

 beatles now and then flare street flares

To make this fabulous song, they used AI technology to separate John’s vocals from his piano parts off of the original recording. Paul McCartney recently said that the boys have always been interested in the relationship between music and technology, from the first time they heard the tape recorder play their music backwards by mistake and then implemented that sound onto their album.

 beatles now and then flare street flares

Now, let's get to the fashion details. The Beatles have always been stylish lads, and "Now and Then" is no exception. The music video is an affectionate nostalgia trip, the whole gang is here! We absolutely love seeing a Sergeant Pepper’s George and suited up John Lennon playing alongside the last living Beatles.

 beatles now and then flare street flares

We hope you give “the last Beatles song” a listen and enjoy the timeless magic it has to offer. And once you're really in your feels, we've got a whole playlist of our favourite sappy and sweet Beatles songs for you to listen to as well.

Click below and press play! Happy listening flare-lovers xx

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