Granny Takes a Trip: Where Fashion and Music Come Together

A place to try on, tune in and drop out... Granny Takes a Trip was created by Sheila Cohen, a fashion collector, her boyfriend, painter Nigel Waymouth and mod-tailor John Pearse.

F A V O U R I T E 5 : William Morris Inspired 60s Fashion - Jimi Hendrix in a flower power blazer by Granny Takes a Trip. #60sfashion #jimihendrix #hohfavourite5

Granny Takes a Trip offered unique and exclusive pieces of clothing, influenced by the past and well known as a hub of fashion on King Street, London in the late 60’s.

Their shop was a frequented by everyone including the folks from Small Faces, The Byrds, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Rolling Stones and of course The Beatles.

Granny Takes a Trip leather and metal jacket ----  60s  “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art” —

Nigel Waymouth remembered “One morning we were sitting around cross-legged on the floor and these two blokes came in. They looked around and said, ‘This is a nice place isn’t it?’ We looked up, and of course it was John Lennon and Paul McCartney.”

Granny Takes a Trip owners from left to right; Michael English, Nigel Waymouth and Guy Stevens (record producer).

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Granny Takes a Trip Flare Street


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