đź’Ą Jumpsuits, One Easy Piece for the Boldđź’Ą

Hey there flare-lover and welcome to our latest blog series all about the fabulous all-in-one, one easy piece jumpsuit!!
Containing the glamour of a suit but with the freedom of activewear, it made the jumpsuit an integral part of fashion history from disco to today!

Through this 3-part series we're delving in to it's history and tracing it back, highlighting so many integral moments in time. Let's get into it... 

Jumpsuit 70s catsuit flarestreet

Whether it was parachuting or driving race cars, some of the most dangerous sports required a no frills jumpsuit as a uniform before they became a fashion statement. From actual parachute jumpsuits came catsuits, though highly less practical (and a little more exciting) than a bulky boiler suit, they donned the golden years of music as a sort of uniform for the 1970’s.

Elvis jumpsuit catsuit flarestreet

At the beginning of the 1970’s Elvis Presley popularized one piece suits for men and made jumpsuits synonymous with rock n roll when he began performing in his ultra flashy, signature all white get up. 

Bee gees Saturday night fever 1970s jumpsuit

From The King to The Bee Gees, throughout music history and pop culture since then, some of our most beloved 'Gents of Style' have rocked the stage in a catsuit. 

Freddie mercury queen flare street catsuit

Instead of practicality, these statement pieces were meant to cast the wearer in a fabulous light. Which brings us to Mick Jagger who made a name for himself in the fashion world by wearing outrageously tight leather pants and of course out of this world catsuits. If you love The Stones like we do, you remember Mick in his famous 1972 Ossie Clark designed jumpsuit. It’s flamboyant lace up, pearl embellished whole velvet beauty is one of the most memorable outfits of the 70’s. 
We love it, Ossie Clark!

Mick jagger ossie Clarke 1970s Rolling Stones flare street jumpsuit catsuit

Another one of the most incredible fashion icons from that time is Rod Stewart. A London born singer who was known to have a massive collection of spectacular outfits (some borrowed from then girlfriend, Britt Ekland!) including a few catsuits to top them all. Rod Stewart included countless metallic and velvet jumpsuits throughout his music career and even had tiger, cheetah and leopard print catsuits. Meow!

Rod Stewart flare street catsuit

Among the many fashionistas of the 1960’s-late 1970’s, Ziggy Stardust had many incredible personas and mastered the art of the changing look. Bowie had more iconic jumpsuits than we can count. From ultra structured and boxy power suits to skin tight flared floral jumpsuits to the famous genderless designs of Kansai Yamamoto. Limitless imagination flowed from the mind of Bowie and inspired many artists to create timeless designs.

Ziggy stardust jumpsuit

Of course the jumpsuit wasn’t just for rockstars like Elton John, Freddie Mercury and Sly Stone, but also became a staple outfit of the disco era for men and women alike.  

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