Platforms: A Big Step In Fashion

Nothing goes better with all things Flare Street than platform shoes!! 

platforms flare street bell bottoms 70s fashion

They made their fashion debut in the 1600’s and not again until the 1930’s when designer Salvatore Ferragamo,  made “rainbow” platforms in honor of Judy Garland- but nothing compares to the flamboyant and brightly coloured platforms of the 1970’s!

Judy Garland Salvatore Ferragamo Flare Street 70s Fashion

Here’s a quick look at some of the most memorable platform shoes in recent history.

Platform heels 1970s flare street fashion

In the 1960’s rebellious youth started thrifting and making their own clothing and by the late 1960’s and early 70’s designers had caught and started making some truly exceptional shoes to boot. 

Platform heels 1970's fashion Flare Street

Fred Slatten- the king of crazy high heeled platforms created ornate art out of his shoes.

Fred Slatten platform heels flare street 70s fashion

If you were looking for gravity defying footwear in the 70’s, chances are Terry de Havilland would be your guy! Cobbler to the stars with a knack for innovation in design. He’s created art in the shape of a personalized platform for Bowie, Kate Moss and everyone who is anyone!

Terry De Havilland Platform Shoes Bowie 1970s fashion flare street

Huge designers weren’t the only ones making fab platforms. Marvin Gaye would often be seen wearing his signature silver and rhinestoned shoes that his brilliant wife Janis made for him. 

Marvin Gaye Platform Shoes Janis 1970s fashion flare street

Flares aren’t the only thing that pair fabulously with platforms. Iconic Mary Quant was known to pair her stockings and accessories with the popular shoe.

Mary Quant 1970s fashion flare street

It is an art to walk in these shoes. And despite being gorgeous and going with literally every outfit, these disco dancing heels have been coined “ankle busters” by some doctors. 

high platforms 1970s flare street 

Platforms made a solid comeback among many women like Cher, Jackie Onassis and Bianca Jagger, in the 70’s.


They were also extremely popular and widely associated with Glam Rock and worn by stage performers like KISS, Ziggy Stardust, Queen, Sly Stone, Jimmy Page and Elton John.

 David bowie platforms 1970s flare street

platform shoes kiss 1970s flare street

kiss flare street platforms 1970s 

It’s no wonder why platforms are the official footwear of the 70’s and we couldn’t be more excited for the current comeback they are making!

platforms flares 1970s  

Check out this Pinterest board that we made for you! Platforms Galore!

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