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Zandra Rhodes, a fashion designer who was an absolute inspiration of late 60’s and 1970’s fashion and is still working as a fashion and costume designer, testing the boundaries of conventional design.
Zandra Rhodes Flare Street
Zandra Rhodes Flare Street
Paired with her bold, extrovert prints, Zandra Rhodes created a very unique style favoured by musicans like Freddie Mercury, Marc Bolan and absolute babes of the time like Bianca Jagger, Princess Di, Jackie Onassis and Elizabeth Taylor to name a few!

 Zandra Rhodes Flare Street Freddie Mercury

Zandra Rhodes Flare Street Marc Bolan

She began her fashion line and designing in the late 60’s in swinging London, around the time when female designers were beginning to challenge previous, conformist designs. Her beautiful floating, chiffon based garments became a key item of clothing for the theatrical element of British style. As she developed her style of design, Rhodes began to incorporate her printed textiles into collections.

 Zandra Rhodes Flare Street

Zandra Rhodes Flare Street Bianca Jagger

“The thing that’s so fabulous, is that Freddie in my white pleated top went onto become one of the iconic images of him. It is incredible to be a part of that history” – Zandra Rhodes

 Zandra Rhodes Flare Street

The use of her prints soon became an intrinsic part of the garments she created, now something which defines her as an artist and fashion designer.

Zandra Rhodes Flare Street Twiggy 

Along the line of Barbara Hulanicki, Thea Porter and Mary Quant, Zandra Rhodes played a massive role in shaping the fashion scene of the 70’s and still continues to do so today.

 Zandra Rhodes Flare Street Pixie Geldolf jane verdunville

Catch her show celebrating 50 years of fashion at the Fashion & Textile Museum in London until January 2020. Find the show here:

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