Apple Boutique: A Wonderland designed by The Fool, where beautiful people could buy beautiful things!

The Fool Beatles Flare Street

Bright, bold, beautiful and quite short lived, The Apple Boutique by The Beatles was designed and stocked by design collective, The Fool, in 1967 in bustling London.

The Apple Boutique 1967
The store was managed by Jenny Boyd, sister of Pattie Boyd, and Pete Shotton, who was John Lennon’s school mate. In addition to psychedelic and vintage clothing, the boutique sold books, music, spiritual objects, instruments and art.

Pattie Boyd the fool beatles flare street

The concept of the store was that everything within it’s walls was for sale and was meant to capture the vibrant essence of the Fab Four and be a cultural centre for their friends and fans alike.

electripipedream: “Status Quo at the Apple Boutique 1967 ”

Despite the overwhelming popularity of The Beatles at the time, the boutique was not ultimately a success for Apple Corps and had to shut its doors after only eight months.

The Fool Flare Street Beatles London

On closing day, The Apple Boutique opened up for the last time and decided to give away the remaining treasures within the store for free, on a “one item per person” basis, could you imagine??!

John and George at the opening of the Apple Boutique
Even though their boutique was short lived, the fashion and style of the iconic Beatles is sure to inspire until the end of time.

the fool apple boutique

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