✨🔮✨Devyn Crimson, dream girl from Chicago, Illinois grooving in the Deep Purple Juniper Flares!✨🔮✨

You know that feeling when someone just blows you away with their style, art and creative juices...well Devyn Crimson is one of those! We crossed paths with this wonderful woman a couple of years ago and have kept a keen eye on her 60's inspired style, top music tunes and don't even get us started on her 60's makeup tutorials on Youtube!
Recently, she's been snapped grooving in a pair of our Juniper Flares in Deep Purple Velvet. We thought this would be the perfect time to have a chat about what she does, what inspires her and of course her favourite music.
Have a read below!

What is your favourite music genre?

I would say 60’s garage music which is a big category, in my opinion. The Beatles did some garage sounding songs and The Kinks even! I love the gritty stuff.
Where did you get the inspiration for your style/bundles/makeup from?
My style and makeup was really inspired by all the iconic women of the 60’s— it’s so hard to say one specific. I would say it started with the Beatle girls and has branched out since then taking inspiration from other people like the GTOs, Stevie Nicks, and Debbie Harry.
I like an eclectic look and I try to put my own twist on things. The bundles I originally saw IGirl (Bella) doing. She is more 90's-Y2K fashion and I just thought it was genius! I’ve always loved putting outfits together, and helping people step into or expand their vintage wardrobe is really a cool thing. Plus, it’s a great way to cut down on fast fashion consumption. I understand not everyone has access to vintage stores or good thrift shops so this is a fun way to spread the love.
Devyn Crimson Flare Steet Bell Bottoms

What is you routine as an artist/model/creator?
I’m a Sagittarius so “routine” is a word that scares me. I usually switch between bundles and YouTube videos depending when I need content to be made if I have a deadline from a brand or if I am leaving for a trip since recently I’ve been traveling a lot, which I LOVE! I like to be flexible so I just try to get as much work done as I can when I can do it so that if something comes up or I need to fit something into my schedule I can.
Normally, I wake up try to stretch and do some sort of work out to get my body and brain going, then I will get coffee and answer some emails, make breakfast and get to work either on bundles or content. I like to alternate the two so I’ll do bundles one day and then edit a video the next. Sometimes I’ll film, then go shop for bundles, come back home and organise the items, then get up the next day and do all the final touches and writing letters. I try to stop working around 9pm and at that point I’ll either pick up my bass, write or just chill.
What outfit would you wear on stage? Would it be different from your daily outfit?
Well I just started a band with some friends so this is a question that I have been thinking about recently, actually!  I think it will be really close to much typical style but it will be more of my “going out” outfits which are a little flashier I guess
If you could describe your first impression of our flares in one word, what would it be?

Devyn Crimson Flare Steet Bell Bottoms

For a good time, check out Devyn Crimson's Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChvpBrDM3n00HLprxQ5SNmg/videos

You can also listen to her interview on the Muse's Podcast here: 

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