Don’t Pass Me By Collection - Golden Bazaar Velvet Flares

Part 4: Golden Bazaar Velvet Flares

Don’t Pass Me By' is a collection embodying personal expression, confidence and independence. Inspired by the psychedelic designs of The Fool, the late 1960’s and constant influence of The Beatles and London music scene. Staying true to our labels ethos and influences, 'Don’t Pass Me By' is all about self-love, worth and individualism.

To launch our new velvet flares, we called in a talented team of ladies to create some magic for Flare Street in arustic warehouse in Carlton, Melbourne. 

Photographer: Kate Shanasey
Assistant Photographer: Anna Snowsill
Hair & Makeup: Kat Sheahan
Flares & Top: Flare Street

Golden Bazaar Bell Bottoms

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