⚡️Introducing the Catsuit, thanks to 'Cat Woman' in the 1940's!⚡️

The catsuit made it’s first debut as a fashion piece on Cat Woman in the 1940 comic- hence the fancy name. 

Flarestreet catsuit 1960s 1970s jumpsuit

Until the 1960’s the bodysuit, which evolved from the leotard was primarily used for working out, but not as a street wear piece. In the mid 1960’s, the female led Womens Liberation movement became widely known around the world, which paved the way for less modest clothing options to become more popular than the previous decades.

Flarestreet 1960s Pucci catsuit

Pucci designed eccentric psychedelic catsuits in the early 1960’s. French designer Andre Courreges braved the new frontier of the fashion world in the mid 1960’s with his Space Age collection which featured futuristic designs such as moon boots, robot inspired goggles and of course a long-sleeved one piece jumpsuit. 

Courreges jumpsuit 1960s space age flare street

Yves Saint Laurent made his first jumpsuit available in 1968, inspired by aviator uniforms but with a fresh take that was designed to highlight an elegant silhouette. 

Ysl first jumpsuit 1968 flare street catsuit inspo

Norma Kamali created her iteration of the jumpsuit which combined the ease and comfort of sports wear with the luxury and glamour of an evening gown. 

Norma Kamali jumpsuit 1970s catsuit Flarestreet inspo

Fast forward to the counterculture scene of the late 1960’s where film stars like Diana Rigg as Emma Peel and Barbarella’s head-turning Jane Fonda stole the show in their curve hugging catsuits. 

Barbarella Jane Fonda flare street catsuit inspi

Women weren’t the only ones reclaiming their fashion power in the late 1960’s though. Some of our most beloved 'Gents of Style' were making bold statements with their one piece numbers. 

Elton John catsuit jumpsuit Flarestreet

The perfectly androgynous jumpsuit was a staple of the 70’s rockstar. With the ever popular Free Love Movement/ Sexual Revolution, something marketed as “fits so tight it shows all you’ve got…you’re a walking turn on” it’s no wonder everyone from Cher to Elton to David Bowie had a massive collection of epic catsuits!

jumpsuit ad 1970s

From the Mary Quant Exhibition, her Catsuit from the late 1960's:

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