Mary Quant: Refreshing and Revolutionary

Mary Quant, a creative vision fuelled by youthful rebellion and a desire to be anything but ordinary.

Mary Quant Stockings. Found on via Tumblr

In a time following the Second World War, when women were wearing mass produced cookie-cutter designs, she broke the mould and gave women the power to express themselves in an unconventional way, through clothing. Mary Quant opened her shop, Bazaar, in London in 1955 known now to the world at the first place to buy a mini-skirt!!

The new silhouette: Amber???  Mary Quant vintage Sixties dresses in Terylene, 1967  1960s FashionIn an effort to supply women with clothing that made them feel liberated and confident, she created a fashion brand that included never before seen mini skirts, plastic collars, weatherproof shoes, neon tights and groundbreaking PVC pipe raincoats.

She transformed these styles into a fashion revolution that would pave the way in ladies fashion for decades to come…

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Mary Quant Flare Street

 Mary Quant Flare Street

Mary Quant Flare Street

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