Rainbow Serpent Festival - Flare Spotting!

Pink Lace Flares Festival Style

Our Rainbow Serpent Festival edit featuring a handful of the gorgeous flare-babes we ran into. Rainbow Festival was a mix of art, music, lifestyle and so so much colour! Every stage was so vibrant and every groover was covered in glitter. I've never seen so much Flare Street in one place, it was so magical to see them roaming around and even more amazing to spot on the dance floor!
If you have some pics in our gear, tag us on Instagram or DM us, we love to repost... 

White Lace Flares Bell Bottoms

Rainbow Serpent Stage

Luccia Halter Top

White Lace Flares Rainbow Festival

Good Vibrations Flares

Rainbow Serpent Stage

Rainbow Bralette Flare Street

Sunset Rainbow Serpent

Shot by Nik Shimmin on 35mm featuring Flare Street festival babes - Lucy, Ally, Taylor and more! 

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