⭐☮️ Woodstock 1969 - The Crowd ☮️⭐

It's pretty hard to capture the essence of close to half a million people from 1969, so we've added just a few of our favourite images from the crowd to our blog! 

You'll also find a link to our Pinterest where there is a lot more pic and to one of our favourite photographers website too!!

Woodstock 1969 Flare StreetWoodstock Fashion Flare Street Woodstock Crowd Flare Street 14Woodstock 1969 Crowd

Woodstock Crowd Flare StreetWoodstock Crowd Flare StreetWoodstock 1969 Flare Street BellbottomsWoodstock Crowd Flare Street BellbottomsWoodstock Fashion Flare Street Woodstock 1969 Crowd Flare StreetWoodstock 1969 Fashion Flare StreetWoodstock 1969 Flare Street

One of our all time favourite photographers, Henry Diltz, captured so many of the Woodstock photographs from beginning to end.
On the Hotel Morrison website they've compiled some of their favourite shots and they are FABULOUS! 

Find it online here:

Here's a snippetL
Henry Diltz Woodstock Flare Street

Find more on our Pinterest too here: 

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