Bianca Jagger, a major source of inspiration for us & forever fashion icon!

Queen of Studio 54 in the 1970’s and forever fashion icon, Bianca Jagger is a major source of inspiration for us - so of course, she's next up on our 'Babe's Who Inspire Us' blog!

Bianca Jagger Flare Street

She was born in Nicaragua as Blanca Macias and moved to Paris for school when she was 16 in 1961. Along with the change of scenery, she changed her name to Bianca.

Bianca Jagger Flare Street

Her modelling and acting career was kick started in 1969, which lead her to meet her most famous match, Mick Jagger, who she was introduced to at a Rolling Stones after party in 1970.

Biana Jagger Flare Street

Bianca Jagger Flare Street
Her wedding outfit, which is still talked about today, a smoking white YSL jacket and wide brimmed hat, was what put her on the map as a true icon of fashion.

Bianca Jagger wedding outfit

Her style in the 70’s was a gorgeous mix of flashy, elegant and always iconic. She was known for showing up to Studio 54 in custom tailored suits and matching halter tops, dripping in sequins head to toe.

Bianca Jagger Flare Street

Bianca Jagger Flare Street

Not only was she one of the biggest fashion beacons of the 70’s but has spent all of her adult life doing humanitarian work and being involved in political movements along side being a successful actress and model, which is just another reason to admire her! 

Bianca Jagger Flare Street

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