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Donyale Flares are here!! 

Flare Street and Golden Daze are back together again, this time with Donyale Flares!
Inspired by William Morris and his scrumptious Pre-Raphaelite, Medievalist and Romanticist style from Victorian era England (1837 -1901).

He created so many artworks which were transformed into wallpaper, clothing, fabrics, book covers and more - remember those fabulous Granny Takes A Trip jackets worn by the likes of George Harrison & Jimi Hendrix (click here!), that was a William Morris print. 
Given a new life in the 1960's and here we are 50 years later with a Flare Street version!

We've named these flares after one of the many babes who inspire us, Donyale Luna!

Check out our William Morris inspired Pinterest here! 

Available in limited editions, sizing from XXS-3XL!

Shop our new Flares online here...!

Flare Street Donyale Flares

Flare Street Donyale Flares

Images of Tiarnie Brasher @tiarniebrasher by @thebarefootphotographer_

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